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Wreck Wee Em: Feature Production

Wreck Wee Em

Audience Feedback

“…still discussing it days later.”

“It was so powerful and beautiful and good! Incredible work. Congratulations.”

“Great show. Can’t imagine the journey that must be each performance.”

“Difficult, honest, harrowing, tender.”

“A tremendously powerful piece. To share that degree of vulnerability is remarkable.”

“… a powerful, hilarious, sobering look at mental health from the inside out.”

“Wreck Wee Em is profoundly powerful. I was brought into a both devastating and hopeful glimpse of the harrowing precipice, and vulnerable and dangerous edges of multiple addiction. The layering-in of mental health associated with addiction, and traumatic experiences that shape them, conveyed all together the dead and alive seriousness, humour, uncertainty, shocking aspects involved, along with the absence, troubling and/or shortage of truly caring spaces. This piece opens up spaces individually and in the community to begin to share more honestly personal experiences with mental health, addiction, and trauma, and to ask for and demand what we each and our communities truly need.” – Dr. Nadine Changfoot, Trent University

Show information

What’s so funny about mental illness? What’s the difference between humour and therapy? One’s only 15 bucks. Laughter is the best anti depressant.

Mysterious Entity Presents the World Premiere of this new performance piece written and performed by Em Glasspool, and directed by, and also featuring Linda Kash. First workshop in June 2017, with a public presentation to an invited audience on June 24th at 2p.m. at Sadleir House Dining Hall. The work explores Glasspool’s own personal experiences with mental illness, trauma and addiction.

Written and Performed by Em Glasspool, Directed and Developed by Linda Kash, Script Mentorship by Tomson Highway, Set Design by Gabe Robinson, Technical Direction, Lighting Design and Prop Design by Esther Vincent, Sound Design by Jill Staveley, Stage Management by Wes Ryan.

Support provided by Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Theatre Trent and The City of Peterborough. With thanks to Trent Radio, RC4G* Peterborough and Union Studio.

Also please note this show has a rating of Restricted due to graphic content and language. Not recommended for under 17 years of age.

Relaxed Performance

We are also including a Relaxed Performance as part of this run on Sunday September 30th at 2p.m. Relaxed performances – sometimes called “sensory friendly performances” or “extra live” performances – were initially designed to make theatre spaces more comfortable and welcoming to audience members with autism spectrum disorder. Other audience members who benefit from Relaxed Performances include people with Tourette’s syndrome, people who experience anxiety or people who are not comfortable with the conventions of a traditional theatre setting.

For this Production, please however, note that the performance space does not have a wheelchair accessible washroom at any time. The nearest accessible washrooms are located in the Peterborough Square – one block south of the venue.

We ask that patrons refrain from wearing scents of any kind to the performance. The running time of the show is one hour. There will be no intermission. There will be a “quiet room” space that audience members will have access to if they need to move out of their seats before or during the performance.

Mental Health professionals will be on hand at each performance to speak to anyone who is affected by the work, or who would like resources or information about any of the subject matter that is referred to.

“I think audience members might be intimidated by the description that the play deals with mental illness and a description of a psychotic break, and be therefore concerned that the show will be really heavy or hard to watch. No need to be aFreud! Because of Em’s performance and very humour-based writing, there are a lot of surprises – a lot of humour, (and a lot of puns). This is an honest, creative and often very funny look at serious mental illness. Come aboard the Wreck.” – Linda Kash, Director

First full presentation was September 27th – September 30th, 2018 at Evans Contemporary in Peterborough

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Wreck Wee Em

“The engaging and jarring nature of Glasspool’s performance cumulated to invoke profound feelings of connectivity. To those living outside the bounds of their impacts, addiction and mental illness are issues that can too-easily be viewed through the callous lens of passing judgment and scorn. These narratives serve to marginalize and those most undeserving of their harm. Wreck Wee Em serves as a reminder that these are fundamentally human issues.” Clay Duncalfe Review
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Excerpt from the 2017 workshop production