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About the Company

mysterious entity was founded in 2000 by a group of dedicated theatre artists who shared a goal of  producing quality professional theatre.  That goal has never changed, but the company has grown and now can boast having created no less than ten original works, developed programming for youth, founded the region’s only open call for original contemporary theatre scripts, and staged many productions, including five adaptations of Shakespeare.

Why “mysterious entity”?

As brilliant theatre writer Tom Stoppard in the screenplay for “Shakespeare in Love” envisions it…
The Rose Theatre is struggling:  there’s no money, the producers are pulling out, actors are dropping like flies, and William hasn’t finished the script…

“But it will turn out well.  How?  I don’t know.  It’s a mystery!”

In some ways nothing much has changed in 400 years of theatre making.  We believe passionately in the power for change created by the mysterious connection between audiences and artists of live theatre.

But we don’t stop there.  We believe that art must engage with the community it calls home.  We produce theatre with a social conscience.  Whether it is through engaging our youth, partnering with local social justice groups, or animating challenging community realities on the stage, mysterious entity believes that theatre can make change while entertaining.

mysterious entity prides itself on working in partnership with non-arts organizations to create theatre.

Click here for a template of steps we have experienced in liaising with these organizations.

Our Vision
To foster positive social change through the creation and production of theatre.

Our Mission
mysterious entity is a not-for-profit company dedicated to producing theatre with a social conscience.  Our mission includes the creation of new, socially-relevant theatre works, and staging classic plays with a twist.  We forge alliances among artists, and between artists and non-arts organizations.  Our work explores mental health, race, sexuality, and issues facing youth.  We are based outside the urban context, with the belief that there are stories that need to be voiced in every community.  We mentor and provide a training ground for emerging talent, promote diversity, and engage artists in play development and theatre production.  We aim to contribute to the further development of Canadian live theatre.

Our Values

  • mysterious entity believes that theatre is a tool for empowerment.
  • We promote artistic innovation and exploration.
  • We operate with the firm belief that all communities benefit from the challenge of creative exchange.
  • We seek to illuminate the complexities and diversities of our community, in the belief that the specific points the way toward the universal.
  • We believe theatre is a communal experience where differences can be shared and celebrated.
  • mysterious entity believes passionately in the power for change created by the mysterious connection between audiences and artists of live theatre.

mysterious entity:  act on it!